Room at the Inn

What we do:

Room at the Inn provides a warm and safe place to sleep for Columbia’s homeless during the winter months. Our shelter moves 5-7 times during the winter season, with area churches opening their doors to provide space for our Guests.

Why we’re great:

Two big reasons. We are a “damp” shelter, which means that individuals who are “under the influence” will be admitted to the shelter. And our dedicated volunteers provide 90% of the shelter staffing and operational support.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Room at the Inn is often the shelter of last resort--many of our Guests can’t be admitted to other area shelters due to their use of drugs or alcohol. Our shelter is a refuge for those with nowhere else to go.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Volunteers are needed from 6 PM - 8 AM each evening during the winter months.

Name of Executive Director

Jim Jantz

Address of Operations

2601 W. Broadway
P.O. Box 272
Columbia, Missouri 65205


(573) 355-7151

Total donations for this charity:


Total Goal:

$0 of $16000

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