Pinnacles Youth Park

What we do:

Pinnacles Park is 70 acres of natural, open space for public use. Youth groups (Scouts, church groups, 4-H, etc) can camp overnight. The park was deeded to the youth of Boone County in 1965 and is managed by the Boone County Pinnacles Youth Foundation.

Why we’re great:

The park has shelters, streams, acres of forest to roam, and geologic landmark "the Pinnacles"--a narrow, rocky ridge formed by the actions of Silver Fork and Kelly Branch creeks. It is recognized as a Missouri Natural Area.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

This beautiful, popular park has been maintained for over 50 years with donations and volunteer labor on a shoestring budget. Though it is open to the public and has been enjoyed by generations, it is a private park and receives no government funds.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Gravel to expand parking lot, board members, housing for on-site caretakers who keep park safe.

Name of Executive Director

Phillip Burk

Address of Operations

1605 Woodmoor Ct.
Columbia, Missouri 65202


(573) 445-1244

Total donations for this charity:


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