MidwayUSA Foundation

What We Do

The MidwayUSA Foundation helps communities and organizations raise funds to support their high school and college youth shooting teams. Teams have an earmarked endowment that allows them to apply for an annual cash grant to pay for team expenses.

Why We're Great

Our Foundation provides sustainable funding for thousands of youth shooting teams, offering them an online platform to receive donations, free products to grow their endowment, and a donation matching program.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Like other sports, shooting teams provide great opportunities for our youth including; making friends, learning discipline and responsibility, also gaining confidence, but many schools offer little to no funding. Our Foundation ensures funding for the life of the team.

List of Volunteer and In-Kind Needs

Spread the word for local teams in and around Columbia.

Name of Executive Director

Jay McClatchey, Interim Director

Address of Operations

6001 West Van Horn Tavern Rd, Suite C
Columbia, Missouri 65203


(573) 447-5994

Total Donations for This Organization


Total Goal

$135 of $5000

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