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Children with limited resources often enter kindergarten 60% behind their peers. Jumpstart tutors at-risk preschoolers by implementing a language and literacy curriculum to ensure all children are prepared to start school ready to achieve success.

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We're in the business of changing children's lives. As the only intervention program of its kind, Jumpstart outcomes result in significant academic gains for kids, confirming one key fact--Jumpstart works. We are closing the achievement gap.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Among today's children sit our future presidents, scientists, entrepreneurs, and teachers. But not all children begin the race of life on equal footing. Why should a zip code dictate a child's success? At Jumpstart, we make sure it doesn't.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Funds to provide children with tutoring and at-home libraries of new books for kids who have none.

Name of Executive Director

Chrissie Dickson

Address of Operations

201G Student Success Center, University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri 65211


(573) 882-8942

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