Jabberwocky Studios

What We Do

Jabberwocky teaches and creates ethnic and urban arts to build a sense of shared destiny and inclusion in our diverse community via classes, performances, internships, creation of public art, our annual Africa Fest, and STEAM (STEM + Art) education.

Why We're Great

Jabberwocky is a dynamic organization responding with high quality arts experiences to needs in our community. In four short years, Jabberwocky has developed numerous programs and collaborations which allow us to reach over 2500 people annually.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Jabberwocky is the only local arts organization dedicated to bridging barriers of race, class, religion, age, and lifestyle to build a stronger community. It serves foster kids, immigrants, incarcerated youth, and school children, regardless of income.

List of Volunteer and In-Kind Needs

Jabberwocky needs mentors for youth aged 11-16, and transportation for students to and from classes.

Name of Executive Director

Linda Schust

Address of Operations

1308 Grand Street
Columbia, Missouri 65203


(573) 239-9899

Total Donations for This Organization


Total Goal

$3604 of $3500

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