Columbia Neighborhood Watch

What we do:

CNW promotes community involvement in fighting crime by connecting people, information, and ideas with training, resources, programs, and support to establish strong neighborhood watch programs with the goal of reducing crime.

Why we’re great:

In the first six months of 2017 violent crime is up 52% and property crime has nearly doubled since 2016. With the police department nearly 1/3 below its authorized strength we are the ONLY organization in Columbia with proven programs to reduce crime.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

As a 501(c)(3) organization our sole income is individual, business, and public support through donations and grants. All of our training, resources, and support is provided completely free of charge to the community.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Strong Board members and active block captains and volunteers.

Name of Executive Director

Irwin Schneider – President

Address of Operations

503 E Nifong, #183
Columbia, Missouri 65201


(573) 874-7426

Total donations for this charity:


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