Columbia Center for Women’s Ministries

What we do:

CWM is an integral social service in the community that provides free Peer Counseling and Support Groups in a nonjudgemental confidential atmosphere to hurting women. We help with depression, divorce, abuse, death, loneliness, hopelessness, etc.

Why we’re great:

CWM improves the emotional and spiritual health of women in our area, which has a positive effect on their entire family. We also refer our clients to other community resources for needs such as parenting classes, money management, etc.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

We need financial support to keep the doors of the center open as we offer free services. The center is operated entirely by committed volunteers. We reach women who either cannot afford other counseling or are concerned about confidentiality.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Volunteers to take our 28 hour Peer Counseling course, and paper for training manuals

Name of Executive Director

Cherie Stott

Address of Operations

Columbia Center for Women's Ministries
1900 N. Providence Rd Ste. 210
Columbia, Missouri 65202


(573) 256-1700

Total donations for this charity: