Columbia Access Television

What we do:

CAT is Columbia's community voice! CAT offers individuals, families & organizations access to: *High-tech video gear (cameras, computers, HD studio space, & more), *Media training & how-to guidance, *An outlet to share your voice (90% local CAT-TV).

Why we’re great:

CAT keeps rates low so that EVERYONE may have equal access to its services & resources. Want to film a PSA for a nonprofit you care about, or promote your band or arts group, or make a short film? Bring us your vision & CAT will help make it happen.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

CAT will put your dollars right back into the community. Individuals learn resume-building skills. Nonprofits create PSAs and share info about their missions. Families create and learn together. And, in the process, WE ALL BENEFIT. Thank you!

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

All CAT members are volunteers! Bring us your ideas, passions & vision -- bring us YOUR VOICE.

Name of Executive Director

Jennifer Erickson

Address of Operations

23 N. 10th St.
Columbia, Missouri 65201


(573) 442-4447

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