Citizen Jane Film Festival

What we do:

A four day festival each fall, Citizen Jane is so much more than a film fest. It’s an experience designed to entertain, enlighten, and energize audiences into action and encourage, engage, and embolden everyone to ensure that women’s stories are told.

Why we’re great:

For 10 years filmmakers and film lovers from around the world have converged on Columbia to celebrate films made by women, engage in lively discussions, and experience one of the most unique festivals in the country.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Without community support CJFF would not exist, and without CJFF the midwest would not have a partner in the fight for gender equality in media. CJFF needs the community support to offer affordable access to independent films by independent women.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Volunteers, promotional opportunities, social media shares, printing services and more volunteers.

Name of Executive Director

Barbie Banks

Address of Operations

1200 E. Broadway
Columbia, Missouri 65215


(573) 441-5263

Total donations for this charity:


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