Children’s Grove

What we do:

Where hurtful words have become commonplace, Children's Grove spreads the power of kindness, respect and inclusivity through education, the arts, and visual reminders. We work throughout Boone County to address mental health issues facing our youth.

Why we’re great:

Children's Grove is an all-volunteer organization. Our volunteers are from all walks of life with varying talents, interests, and backgrounds. Their tireless efforts have created a kinder, healthier environment for our children and community.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Donors invest in a healthier community by funding mental health first-aid and preschool kindness curriculum trainings, art programs that spread the message of kindness, and placement of visual reminders, including kindness trees and butterfly benches.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Children's Grove welcomes volunteers to support its core education and art programs.

Name of Executive Director

Anne Deaton

Address of Operations

511 E Walnut Street, Suite 736
Columbia, Missouri 65201


(573) 823-5377

Total donations for this charity:


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