Centro Latino de Salud, Educación, y Cultura

What we do:

Health literacy, obesity/diabetes prevention, prevention of violence against women. youth after school and summer programs, English as a second language, Spanish classes, immigration services/referrals, interpreting and translation,

Why we’re great:

Centro Latino is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by highly motivated individuals to serve the immigrant population of Missouri. We opened our doors to all families regardless of their country, religion, gender and immigration status.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Our budget is funded by service fees, contracts, donations, and monthly fundraiser dinners. To maintain the quality of service delivery, we need support from the community. Our clients are low income families and most of our services are offered free.

List of volunteer and in-kind needs

Most of our volunteers serve through MU Office of Service Learning. We welcome community volunteers.

Name of Executive Director

Eduardo Crespi

Address of Operations

609 N. Garth
Columbia, Missouri 65203


(573) 268-9533

Total donations for this charity:


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