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Our daughter has attended the preschool for the last 2 years. The staff of this is school is the most caring and loving to all the students. We can't imagine our daughter starting her educational career at any other preschool.


What I’m Doing

Party for my friends at my house on Saturday December 29th with an entry donation of $20! Join me for a fun filled night of games, drinks, and food to help support a wonderful non-profit preschool.

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The Language Tree

What We Do

The Language Tree teaches French, Spanish, and Mandarin to children 2 to 10 years old in an immersive environment where 90% of the target language is spoken.

Why We're Great

The Language Tree is the first and only multi-lingual school in Columbia, MO. The Language Tree not only teaches children to be global citizens, but employs refugees and immigrants from all over the world.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

The Language Tree needs community support so that the school can continue to hire and employ a diverse staff from all around the world while providing a superior education for any child in Columbia, MO.

List of Volunteer and In-Kind Needs

Social media management, marketing, and fundraising support

Name of Executive Director

Elizabeth Christensen

Address of Operations

2311 E. Walnut Street, Suite A
Columbia, Missouri 65201


(573) 424-2517

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Total Goal

$0 of $250

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TLT This is a Peer to Peer Donation