Why I Support

This is a great way to support Columbia's thriving arts community. The fund is an endowment, supporting all the local arts organizations supported by the city. It also helps ensure the health of the arts in the future.

What I’m Doing

John and I are making a personal donation and hope you will also consider doing so.

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Columbia Arts Fund

What We Do

Columbia Arts Fund is an endowment fund created by the City's Office of Cultural Affairs to provide resources to organizations that foster practice, education, accessibility, and appreciation of the arts. CAF is managed by the Community Foundation.

Why We're Great

The OCA provides annual funding support to over 25 local, nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. We fund everything from gallery exhibits, concert seasons, theatre productions, education and community outreach programs, and annual festivals.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

Sustainability. It's that simple. By donating to this arts endowment fund, you are ensuring sustainable growth for our arts and cultural organizations to benefit our community in perpetuity.

List of Volunteer and In-Kind Needs

Volunteers to work with our funded arts and cultural organizations

Name of Executive Director

Sarah Dresser

Address of Operations

300 S. Providence Road
P.O. Box P.O. Box 6015
Columbia, Missouri 65205


(573) 874-6386

Total Donations made to Columbia Arts Fund by Support all of Columbia’s arts organizations


Total Goal

$100 of $2000

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Support all of Columbia’s arts organizations This is a Peer to Peer Donation