Why I Support

CCUA has great programming, with the goals of raising veggies for local food pantries, teaching veggie gardening skills to children and adults, and teaching how to use the good food that's raised.

Lisa’s Friends Giving for Good Food

What I’m Doing

Yep, I'm going to die my hair blue when I reach my goal of $3000! CCUA has great programming teaching kids & adults how to grow food & prepare it. Health matters, and food matters to health. Thanks so much for supporting CCUA.

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Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

What We Do

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture envisions a community transformed by good food for all and the skills to grow it. We work to enhance our community's health by connecting people to agriculture and the land through hands-on learning opportunities from seed to plate.

Why We're Great

Home gardening empowers families to increase their consumption of healthy food and promotes physical activity. This year we served 10,000+ people by donating fresh produce, constructing gardens, and teaching people a range of gardening skills.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

A vegetable garden is a powerful and fun place to learn! We are generating excitement at the Urban Farm and in schools and backyards about gardening, good food, and outdoor activity, while changing daily habits and assisting with meaningful programs.

List of Volunteer and In-Kind Needs

Bushels of options from helping harvest food for pantries to providing support for the Hootenanny!

Name of Executive Director

William Polansky

Address of Operations

1209 Smith St.
Columbia, Missouri 65201


(573) 514-4174

Total Donations made to Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture by Lisa’s Friends Giving for Good Food


Total Goal

$220 of $3000

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Lisa’s Friends Giving for Good Food This is a Peer to Peer Donation