Why I Support

I started working for ACT over 26 years ago. The support ACT provides to individuals with disabilities is phenomenal. Donations go directly to our individuals for so many other wonderful things! Be a part of helping make dreams come true!

Family and Friends Support the mission of ACT

What I’m Doing

I will donate $10 for each $25 donation or greater up to $1000 goal.

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Alternative Community Training – ACT

What We Do

ACT provides opportunities to individuals with disabilities as participating members of the community. Through our programs, people are able to find employment, live in their own homes, connect with their community, and explore new interests.

Why We're Great

For more than 40 years, ACT has been a leader in disability services. We put people first. We invite our community to be a part of our vision. Our unique approach to providing support ensures that each person has a meaningful experience.

Why does your organization deserve community financial support?

100% of your donation will go to the people who receive our services and will make a huge impact in their lives. For one person, it could mean they land their first job. For another, it could be a warm winter coat. We invest in all areas of life.

List of Volunteer and In-Kind Needs

Share posts on social media, new household items like curtains, cookware, and furniture

Name of Executive Director

Don Lafferty

Address of Operations

2200 Burlington St
Columbia, Missouri 65202


(573) 474-9446

Total Donations made to Alternative Community Training – ACT by Family and Friends Support the mission of ACT


Total Goal

$405 of $1000.00

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Family and Friends Support the mission of ACT This is a Peer to Peer Donation