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What is the CoMoGives campaign?

It’s a publication, accompanied by a website, or vice versa, whose primary goal is to facilitate year-end giving to a cross-section of Columbia/Boone County nonprofit organizations. A copy of the printed CoMoGives guide is inserted in the Saturday, December 1, 2018, issue of the Columbia Daily Tribune. Approximately 13,000 other copies are distributed in storefronts and offices throughout Columbia. It’s a catalog of local nonprofits. Donors can select one, two ten, or more organizations and make a single donation with an easy credit card transaction at the secure website Giving Tuesday, November 27, to December 31, 2018.

When do I have to complete my donation?

As soon as possible! The deadline for all donations is 11:59:59 p.m. CST on December 31. By giving early, however, you will enable the organizations you support to compete more effectively for the 16 Challenge Grants they may receive from the Community Foundation (see Rules for “Challenge Grants”). If they feel they are in the running to win, they will work even harder.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes. Donors will receive an automatic email receipt for each CoMoGives contribution from the Community Foundation of Central Missouri, a 501(c)(3) organization, at the conclusion of each transaction. All gifts are irrevocable and, unless otherwise noted, unrestricted. See your tax advisor regarding tax implications of your gift, particularly if your gift results in receiving a premium from a participating organization. The Tax Reform Act of 2017 may affect whether or not you qualify to itemize deductions.

How are donations tracked?

Donations made through the CoMoGives website are tracked by the Community Foundation of Central Missouri through the website as soon as the transaction is complete. The website will track total donations made per nonprofit on the Leaderboard after the transaction is fully processed. There may be a time lag between donation and Leaderboard update. Matching gifts or RMD (required minimum distribution) checks from retirement accounts will generally be entered on the Leaderboard within 36 hours of receipt.

How are the organizations selected to be in the CoMoGives campaign?

Local Columbia nonprofit organizations that meet annual IRS 501(c)(3) requirements are eligible to be part of the campaign. Approximately 150 organizations were invited to participate in CoMoGives 2018, and well over one-half chose to do so! Some solicited the Community Foundation on their own. This is a terrific sixth year for CoMoGives!

Who sponsors CoMoGives?

The Community Foundation of Central Missouri is the lead and presenting organization for the campaign. Indeed, CoMoGives is a local service of the Community Foundation. Commerce Trust Company is the campaign’s Signature Sponsor this year. Other generous campaign sponsors are MayeCreate Design (digital media sponsor), Columbia Daily Tribune (print sponsor), KOMU-8 (TV sponsor), and KFRU/KPLA-Cumulus Broadcasting (radio sponsor). Please support these terrific, local businesses! Companies we learn about that provide matching funds will be listed on the website.

What are the goals of the CoMoGives campaign?

  • educate the public about nonprofits and their vital role in our community
  • excite young people to get involved in philanthropy
  • engage new donors and/or volunteers
  • encourage online giving that is fast, simple, and fun
  • empower local nonprofits to use social media and online giving
  • emphasize the importance of local gifts for local causes

What is the minimum donation?

The minimum donation for Challenge Grants is $10. Challenge Grants from the Community Foundation are based on unique donors and their gifts meeting specific metrics. Please refer to the Rules for details.

What if I don’t want to make my donation online?

With only a few exceptions, the CoMoGives campaign does not accept cash or checks. Sorry; please contact your charity of choice and discuss your options. The exceptions to this rule are a check from a donor’s employer if the check is a company matching gift, if there is a personal online giving anomaly, in which case the donor must contact John Baker, Executive Director of the Community Foundation, at 573-817-5027 and explain the anomaly prior to writing a check, or if a check is a transfer from an IRA or other qualified retirement account (please see in the Rules, “New for 2018,” for more information). Such checks must be postmarked on or before December 31 to qualify for Challenge Grants. Contributions made outside of (for example, a nonprofit’s independent financial campaign or gifts received for other purposes) will not be eligible for Challenge Grants or count toward nonprofit totals for this campaign.

Can I give a donation in someone's honor or memory?

Yes. You can use one of the special fields on the check-out form to provide a name for a gift in honor or memory. If you want the receiving organization to send a letter to a third party regarding such a gift, you must include the third party’s mailing address during check out.

How do I get an organization into CoMoGives?

If you are interested in getting an organization into the CoMoGives campaign for 2019, contact the Community Foundation of Central Missouri, 573-817-5027, or, in February or March 2019.