What We Do

Woodhaven empowers people with developmental disabilities to succeed by assisting them in their own homes and supporting them as they work, volunteer and form relationships in the community. Services are built around the specific needs of the individual and designed to help each person achieve independence and full inclusion on their own terms.

Why We’re Great

Woodhaven’s team approach makes it uniquely capable of supporting individuals with a variety of very challenging needs. Its 49-year history in Columbia, attention to employing exceptional staff members, and private support from church and community friends allows Woodhaven to provide the enhanced supports that change people’s lives.

Why We Deserve Your Support

A community that is inclusive of people with disabilities is richer, more diverse, and better serves all its citizens. Woodhaven provides the needed supports for people with developmental disabilities to achieve full and productive lives. As a result, these individuals will find new ways to get involved in their community and change the face of ability.

What We Need

Volunteer needs: socialize with people supported by Woodhaven at activities or volunteer with them side-by-side (for groups, families or individuals); yard work; clerical help; help at special events. In-kind needs: tickets to sporting events, plays, concerts, etc; gift cards to Wal-Mart/Target for personal gifts; age-appropriate DVDs, CDs, books and audiobooks

Executive Director:

C. Mark Palmer

Years in Service:



1405 Hathman Place
Columbia, Missouri 65201







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