What We Do

The Intersection builds a healthy community for children by providing an after school community operating on positive values as a safe and caring place to be M – F afternoons, without fee or charge. We provide tutoring, serve a snack, require attendance in classes supporting academics, character building, hands on science, social skills, scouting, and financial literacy, and recreation activities. We also serve a free hot meal daily.

Why We’re Great

The Intersection is great because when people come together around assets such as high expectations, caring and social justice, and respect, it challenges adults and children alike to be their best. This is important because most of the deeply formative lessons we learn in life are ‘caught’ not taught: they are ‘caught’ be exposure to examples of those lessons in action. As the popular media gives our children fewer examples of real ‘assets’ in practice, it becomes even more vital that they see adults trying to model assets like these in community.

Why We Deserve Your Support

The Intersection deserves our communities’ support because it is good economics. Every child who chooses a productive life as a tax paying, responsible member of society saves our community hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their lifetime. Each child who lives at their fullest potential may be the one to make that great discovery we need like to cure cancer, eliminate carbon emissions, etc. That deserves our financial support.

What We Need

Project leaders, special event volunteers, tutors, mentors. minor building repair, landscaping, computer manaagement

Executive Director:

Dana Battison

Years in Service:



7 East Sexton Road
Columbia, Missouri 65201

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