What We Do

The New Wave Corporation was incorporated and KOPN started to provide an educational, non-commercial communication service for and by citizens of our area to stimulate our listeners’ awareness of our community and world, and promote a better understanding of our neighbors—next door and across the oceans.

Why We’re Great

Independent, KOPN welcomes all community members to participate–offering audio production training and giving access to facilities and airwaves for quality local programming; provides diverse musical genres and viewpoints and a neutral forum for issues discussions; fosters democracy and social justice; and archives selected recorded materials.

Why We Deserve Your Support

The well-being of community depends on depth and breadth in knowledge and on free exchange of varied points of view. Multiplicity in perspective helps attain clearer understanding of situations. Supporting your independent, local, open-access media is an essential way to assure your access to diverse vantages and to forums for your own expression.

What We Need

RF and audio technicians and engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, events coordinators, fundraisers, grant writers, graphic artists, information technology technicians, office assistants, photographers, publicists, marketers, actors, archivists, social networkers, writers

Executive Director:

David Owens

Years in Service:



915 East Broadway
Columbia, Missouri 65201







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