What We Do

MU Adult Day Connection, an adult day healthcare center, provides nursing care, social work, activities and occupational therapy to seniors and disabled persons. Services provide meaning and belonging to the participants. Over 40 volunteers assist our staff to provide individual attention and families rely on ADC when they work or need rest.

Why We’re Great

Adult Day Connection, the only adult day center in Boone County, allows families to balance work and caregiving. Families know their loved one is receiving person centered activities, care and individual attention that will maintain health and stimulation. Participants feel a sense of belonging and safety and the feeling of isolation is reduced.

Why We Deserve Your Support

2/3 of participants in Adult Day Connection need financial assistance. ADC provides a sliding scale payment plan as needed and most of the gifts received go to pay for direct assistance to individuals. $25 can assist a person pay for a part of a day and help a family have respite care. Other gifts help buy activity equipment that is needed

What We Need

Electric Keyboard, Craft Supplies, Lift Chairs, Furniture that can be used in the redesign of the center.

Executive Director:

Jerry W. Kiesling, LCSW

Years in Service:



137 Clark Hall
Columbia, Missouri 65211







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