What We Do

Through our trained Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, volunteers we provide a voice for our community’s most vulnerable children, those who have experienced abuse and/or neglect and now find themselves in the Family Court System. CASA volunteers ensure that foster children do not get lost in the overburdened child welfare system.

Why We’re Great

Foster children with a CASA volunteer spend less time, on average, in the foster care system, are half as likely to re-enter foster care, are less likely to bounce from home to home, and receive more targeted services than those children without a CASA volunteer. Ultimately, CASA volunteers provide stability to children whose world is ever-changing

Why We Deserve Your Support

In 2012, the number of children in our local child welfare system skyrocketed, and the system is heavily overburdened. The professionals’ caseloads are exceedingly high, but CASA volunteers only have one case. CASA volunteers stay with their child or sibling set until their case closes, thereby ensuring that child has a safe, permanent home.

What We Need

Volunteers to advocate for children in foster care systems, non-advocate volunteers to assist in office and with fundraisers

Executive Director:

Anna Drake

Years in Service:



607 E Ash St. PO Box 10028
Columbia, Missouri 65201

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