What We Do

It’s our mission is to make sure all children arrive at kindergarten ready for success by supplying basic needs to struggling families, preventing child abuse and neglect, and ultimately building family resiliency. We help parents create strong families and healthy children because kids who are ready for school are more successful in life.

Why We’re Great

FCFC leads Central Missouri in child advocacy. Our child abuse and prevention programs have saved lives and made homes safer for thousands of children. FCFC’s family support programs build resilient families leading to happy, healthy children ready for success in school. We help families break out of poverty, making our community a better place.

Why We Deserve Your Support

FCFC creates a stronger community by serving all families – especially those with challenges. Working with multiple agencies, FCFC tackles challenges facing children early when the greatest results can be achieved. FCFC’s proven programs are models for other communities. We create better communities for children, a key for a brighter future.

What We Need

Children’s clothing birth to age 3, Diapers & wipes, Family hygiene items, Computer support

Executive Director:

Dr. Jack C. Jensen

Years in Service:



1010 Fay Street PO Box 1101
Columbia, Missouri 65205

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