What We Do

Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home exists to provide a professional, yet traditional home environment for abused and neglected children. Through licensed counselors and full time, live-in Home Parents, the children of Coyote Hill are ensured a safe & healthy place to grow, learn, laugh and love.
We are “A Safe Place to Be a Child.”

Why We’re Great

The program of Coyote Hill is aimed directly at breaking the vicious cycles of abuse and neglect, and building in their place cycles of success. We not only work with broken families of today, we work to build successful families of tomorrow. The nurturing environment allows every child the opportunity to learn how to succeed as an adult.

Why We Deserve Your Support

Coyote Hill makes a lasting, positive change in the children we serve. Nationally, only 50% of children in foster care graduate from high school. Coyote Hill’s graduation rate is 100%. Every child that has been with us through their senior year has graduated. When you invest in Coyote Hill, you invest in the future of our community.

What We Need

mentoring, tutoring, group activities for kids, cook family meals, household items, paper products, laundry detergent

Executive Director:

Larry McDaniel

Years in Service:



9501 Coyote Hill Rd PO Box 1
Harrisburg, Missouri 65256







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