What We Do

The mission of Fun City Youth Academy is to engage area youth and their parents in academic and cultural programs that promote academic achievement, self respect, and social responsibility. The Summer Academy is an 8 week program in collaboration with the Columbia Public Schools. The Saturday Academy is held for 31 weeks during the school year.

Why We’re Great

The Summer Academy combats “summer fade” as low income children can lose two months of reading and math skills if they lack learning opportunities over the school break The Saturday Academy focuses on building reading skills. In both, children learn about African American history, culture and accomplishments to increase their sense of self-worth.

Why We Deserve Your Support

Prevention of the Achievement gap. Collaboration with Columbia Public Schools. Focus on learning: reading and math, with art, science, sports. Character-building: African American history and culture, teaching respect, responsibility. Low overhead, dedicated staff and board. Effective use of volunteers. Happy kids, proud parents. Everybody wins!

What We Need

Board members from business and professions; Art, Science volunteers; X-box 360 with Kinect with sport games, Math 7 (board games),

Executive Director:

Carolyn Micklem

Years in Service:



318 Park Ave. P O Box 1426
Columbia, Missouri 65205







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