What We Do

Our primary goal is to match donors to causes they care about most. To do this we provide easy, powerful, and cost-effective ways to increase philanthropy in Columbia and Boone County. Our funds enable the power of voluntary giving to change communities for the better. CoMoGives is but one of many ways we work together locally to improve lives.

Why We’re Great

We care about our communities and have developed a strong infrastructure to manage and administrate donor funds for charitable purposes. Our 21 member board and staff reflect our community; and our investment and I.T. partners have set the standards for best practices. We work with our donors to increase the impact of their charitable gifts.

Why We Deserve Your Support

The Community Foundation is by and for the local community, and we respect every donor and dollar that comes to and through us for local good. We want to be the philanthropic hub of Columbia and Boone County so that the broadest array of citizens can experience the joys both of giving and receiving as we work together to enhance our communities.

What We Need

Always seeking Community Foundation prospective donors, future board members, and CFCM ambassadors!

Executive Director:

John Baker

Years in Service:



1 S. 7th St., P. O. Box 6015 Columbia
Columbia, Missouri 65201







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