What We Do

Food is Good! The CCUA works to strengthen our local and urban food systems with all their environmental, health, social and economic benefits. Boiled down to three main objectives: we work to feed and educate our community, help our neighbors grow, and train the next generation of farmers. CCUA uses several programs to reach these objectives.

Why We’re Great

The Opportunity Garden program empowers low-income families to garden by providing the basics to get started and 3 years of mentoring. Hands-on education at our Urban Farm teaches about good food and gardening. The Planting for the Pantry program connects these dots in a philanthropy that feeds those in need today, tomorrow and in the future.

Why We Deserve Your Support

CCUA stretches every dollar it receives to make the biggest impact. We work in neighborhoods that have the greatest need in terms of obesity, poverty and crime. Gardening gets residents outside, teaches long-term planning, provides healthy food and strengthens community bonds. Food is not our only end product; it is healthy and stable communities.

What We Need

One-on-one garden mentors, K-12 field trip leaders, Urban Farm upkeep, Planting for the Pantry outreach leaders, Guest speakers/lecturers, educational supplies, kid’s gardening tools, farm supplies

Executive Director:

Billy Polansky

Years in Service:



Office: 1610 Paris Road, Urban Farm: 1209 Smith Street, 65201 PO Box 1742
Columbia, Missouri 65201







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