What We Do

CHA Low-Income Services, Inc. (CHALIS) partners with the Columbia Housing Authority (CHA) to provide programming, activities, and resource and referral services designed to help children succeed in school and in life; support families working toward self-sufficiency; and enable seniors and persons with disabilities to live independently. Please call or visit the website for complete list.

Why We’re Great

As part of the Columbia Housing Authority (CHA), CHALIS has unique access to the populations it serves. They live next door. The CHA provides housing to thousands of individuals – newborn to elderly – living with low-incomes, many with disabilities. CHALIS is their easiest possible link to free quality programming, individual case management, and coordination of referrals to community partners and resources.

Why We Deserve Your Support

CHALIS actively collaborates with partners like the City of Columbia, Columbia Public Schools, VAC, CMCA, First Chance for Children, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Fun City, United Way and Boys and Girls Club to prevent duplication of service and work toward community-wide outcomes. It is known for efficient and effective use of resources. Outside evaluators rate CHALIS very high on all management indicators.

What We Need

School supplies, computers, smart tablets, tutors, mentors, teachers, career or small business consultants, fundraising assistance

Executive Director:

Phil Steinhaus

Years in Service:



201 Switzler Street
Columbia, Missouri 65203







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