What We Do

What we do sounds complicated with jargon like care plans & coordinating services but to keep it simple; we help low-income seniors, often overlooked and alone, stay safe at home. We do what many people do for their grandparents: yard work, home repairs, friendly visiting, doctor visits, grocery shopping and helping them meet other basic needs.

Why We’re Great

We are the only organization in the area that focuses solely on the needs of low-income seniors. Low-income seniors face barriers to accessing the complex network of community resources\services that would improve their quality of life. These resources can mean the difference between living independently or requiring expensive institutional care.

Why We Deserve Your Support

It’s expensive to age! Seniors in poverty are more likely to be in poor health, have higher healthcare costs, & an increased likelihood of using long term care, which has an average cost of $55, 000 a year. Our cost effective, tailored services promote independence by blending volunteers & trained staff, costing less than $800 a year.

What We Need

Volunteers are needed for: friendly visiting, food pantry delivery, snow shoveling and special one time projects.

Executive Director:

Jessica Macy

Years in Service:



1123 Wilkes Blvd, Suite 100
Columbia, Missouri 65201







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