What We Do

Big Brothers Big Sisters matches at-risk youth (children ages 6-18 of single parents, prisoners and foster parents) to match with role models. The mentors meet with their “Littles” in the school or the community to enjoy recreational or educational activities resulting in higher aspirations, greater confidence, better relationships, avoidance of risky behaviors and educational success.

Why We’re Great

We have the best kids in Columbia. Even though 92% are on free/reduced lunches and are 1-2 levels behind in reading, they have desire to better themselves. “Bigs” say that they get as much out of having a relationship with their Little than the Little does. Volunteering gives the Bigs the ability to do something significant, to help mold a life.

Why We Deserve Your Support

Research of adults who once had a Big Brother or Big Sister compared to same demographic youth that didn’t have a mentor our adult alumni were: more likely to have a college degree; more likely to make more money; rated their relationships with their spouse, their children and friends higher; and were more likely to be a community leader.

What We Need

Youth need positive role models in their lives. Twenty-nine percent of the children in Boone County are from single parent homes. A Big is a friend who leads, who encourages, teaches, and inspires children to do their best. This friendship can lead to youth finishing their education and becoming volunteers and leaders in our community.

Executive Director:

Heather Demitt

Years in Service:



800 North Providence, Ste. 110
Columbia, Missouri 65203







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